Minutes of the Baldwin Hills ARC Meeting 10/04/00

The tenth 2000 meeting of Baldwin Hills Amateur Radio Club was called to order by the President, James, N6KWI, at 1945 on October 4, 2000. Other officers present were Juan KB6KMU, VP; David, N6HGJ, Membership Treasurer and Ed WA6MDJ, Chairman of the Board.

Attendance: 10

  1. Old Business
    1. Beach Cleanup: Ed, KD6LT and Dieter, KD6LVW reported: Not very well organized. "Strip down version" of last year. They thank Ed for use of the repeaters.
  2. New Business
    1. Board: Ed requests we send out letters to all membership announcing the election meeting in February (it should include tear-off ballot). He would like to hold a Board meeting in October. Christmas Party needs to be planned (facility reserved).
    2. Repeaters: Ed reports that Keith is back in town and a trip to Santiago is being scheduled to fix the 2M repeater before the weather gets too bad. Also, a trip to Harvard is being talked about.
    3. VP Report: Juan says he sees old faces at the meeting.
    4. Treasurer report: No change.
    5. Membership Report: David reports, 1 new member.
    6. VE Testing: Dieter reports that at the last session, attendance of 18, 16 passes, 2 failures. 3 were returns. There was no VE assistance present.
    7. SCRBA: Dieter reports that a meeting may be scheduled for November.
    8. Digital Council: Dieter reports that the meeting is later this month.
    9. Community Events: Greg reported that the Rose Parade (TORRA) was looking for more Ham volunteers. Sign up available on the web site: http://www.anet.net/~torra
    10. James announced the opening of nominations for club elections per club by-laws.

      Nominated today were:


      James Feld by Ed Walker

      Vice President

      Jay Procenko by Dieter Stussy - Declined

      Juan Laysath by Dieter Stussy


      Hugh Stegman by Dieter Stussy - Not present to accept.

      Membership Treasurer

      David Birnbaum by Ed Walker

    11. Meeting was adjourned at 2045 and refreshments were served by Simir. Next meeting scheduled to commence on November 1, 2000 at ~1930 (James will be absent).

    In the absence of the Secretary, these minutes were submitted by James Feld, N6KWI.