Minutes of Baldwin Hills ARC Meeting 10/1/97

The tenth 1997 meeting of the Baldwin Hills Amateur Radio Club was called to order by the President, Greg, KD6AIS, at 7:42 PM on October 1, 1997. Also in attendance were Hugh, NV6H, the Secretary; Ed, WA6MDJ, Chairman of the Board of Directors; and David, N6HGJ, our tireless Membership Chairman/ Treasurer. Due to High Holy Day observances, our meeting was moved to the City Room, which turned out to be a good place for it.

I. Old Business

  1. The Secretary read the minutes. They were accepted.
  2. The Secretary, acting in his capacity as ARRL liaison, noted that the League continues to lobby in Congress regarding the radio listening bill(s). Also, the FCC has opened another vanity callsign gate, and changed the form slightly.
  3. WA6MDJ reported that he's still looking for someone to do the Mt. Harvard tower work.
  4. Rick, N6KIB, has an e-mail address, cmdrrick@earthlink.net. He's still looking for Newsletter input. I have given David all this year's minutes, if he and Rick wish to use them.
  5. The Membership Treasurer reported that the Club's account now has $299.42. $100 was spent on the SW Division Convention, and $120 for 48 new binders to give our lucky members.

II. New Business

  1. Ed, WA6MDJ, has the applications for the winter CES, January 7 to 12, which is otherwise $75 at the door (ouch!). Ed is shooting for the 2nd Saturday in December for the Christmas party. After a brief discussion, the Club concurred that his first choice, Bruno's, was a good one.
  2. At this point, the President opened the floor for 1998 officer nominations. Placed in nomination were Dieter, KD6LVW, for VP; Hugh, NV6H, for Secretary; and David, N6HGJ, for his current gig as Membership Chairman/ Treasurer, which he may well be doing for the rest of his life.
  3. Having closed nominations for the month, the President noted that the smaller meeting room had worked out OK, and that maybe the Club could save some money this way. He then demonstrated his nifty new trunk-tracking scanner. With this, we stood adjourned at 8:26 PM, until the fifth of November, and consumed Samir's usual fine refreshments.

Submitted for approval this 5th day of November, 1997

by Hugh Stegman NV6H,