Minutes of Baldwin Hills ARC Meeting 11/6/97

The eleventh 1997 meeting of the Baldwin Hills Amateur Radio Club was called to order by the President, Greg, KD6AIS, at 7:41 PM on November 6, 1997. Also in attendance were Hugh, NV6H, the Secretary; and Ed, WA6MDJ, Chairman of the Board of Directors. David, N6HGJ, our valued Membership Chairman/ Treasurer, arrived soon after.

I. Old Business

  1. The Secretary read the minutes. They were accepted as read.
  2. The Secretary, acting in his capacity as ARRL liaison, noted that the 'scanner bill' in the telecom committee has been pretty well gutted in markup. It now seeks only to 'protect' commercial telephone frequencies, which are illegal under two previous laws anyway.
  3. WA6MDJ reported that the tower work is still pending. Arrangements for the Christmas party are the same as last year; $25 at Bruno's on Centinela near Venice Blvd.. Club members should have gotten a mailing on this. I paid up. Yummmm. The first raffle prize will again be a hand held radio. The Community Events Raffle, based on participation in Club activities, will be in January. The January meeting may be moved to Monday, the fifth, due to CES.
  4. WA6MDJ is still checking on cheaper alternatives for the meeting room, but he noted that the Club gets a great deal on its present space. The President inquired about the low audio fidelity of the Newsline playbacks since their dedicated phone line went away. Apparently, it's mike-in-the-speaker time, until someone connects up their radio directly.

II. New Business

  1. Ed, KD6LT, our representative to the Los Angeles Area Council of Amateur Radio Clubs, reported on the bi-monthly LAACARC meeting. He noted that Fried Heyn still maintains the guest speaker list, and that SCRRBA voted down a 12.5 kHz split on 440. It isn't too early to start thinking about the 1999 ARRL SW Division Convention (HAMCON) at the Queen Mary on October 1-3. Finally, Ed noted that the annual Baker to Vegas relay run is getting huge, with 219 teams and international press coverage, and it's gonna need 120 hams this spring.
  2. David, N6HGJ, reported the Club balance as $10 less than the month before. He reminded us that the latest newsletter is in a .PDF file on the Club web page. There was a discussion of the best way to do this, and how to determine who wants electronic distribution vs. Snail Mail.
  3. The President reminded us of the upcoming Rose Parade, and that TORRA had some spaces available. Meetings are on the air, 147.270, on each last Thursday. Hams showing up at the December 12 credential meeting can also be signed up.
  4. At this point, the President opened the floor for 1998 officer nominations. There were no new ones. Nominations were closed. Nominees remain Dieter, KD6LVW, for VP; Hugh, NV6H, for Secretary; and David, N6HGJ, for Membership Chairman/ Treasurer, which he may very well be doing for life.
  5. Samir was thanked, and the meeting was adjourned at 8:23 PM, until 7:30 on December 3rd.

Submitted for approval this 3rd day of December, 1997

by Hugh Stegman NV6H,