Minutes of Baldwin Hills ARC Meeting 5/6/98

The fourth 1998 meeting of the Baldwin Hills Amateur Radio Club was called to order by the President, Ed, KD6LT, at 7:39 PM on May 6, 1998. Also in attendance were Dieter, KD6LVW, the Vice-President; Ed, N6EW, the Chairman of the Board; Hugh, NV6H, the Secretary; and David, N6HGJ, our totally cool Membership Chairman/Treasurer.

I. Old Business

  1. Ed, WA6MDJ/ N6EW, noted that site cleanup on Signal Hill was coming up. All repeaters were OK except for 10 meters, which needed battery work.
  2. The Secretary read his typically awesome minutes, which were accepted as read. He also mentioned this year's ARRL convention, which is in San Diego. Early registration had ended the day before, but Sandy was nice and let us in for the ten bucks at the meeting.
  3. The Vice-President reported that 12 people had shown at the latest Jun's Electronics testing session. SCDCC has gone to quarterly meetings, and the status of APRS' coordination was still pending at TASMA. The Secretary wants the record to show that the Vice-President deserves high commendation for hanging our Club banner before the meeting, just like old times!
  4. The Treasurer noted that the club had about $700 in bills coming up, and just about enough in the treasury to pay them. One of these is room rental. We'll be staying in the Rotunda Room this year.
  5. Ed, WA6MDJ/N6EW reported that Field Day, June 27-28, will probably be at Blue Ridge this year, El Nino permitting. It will not be at Guffey Campground (aka Camp Goofy) which had another forest fire, burning whatever survived the first one. Campsites are therefore first come, first served.
  6. The President, in his capacity of LAACARC rep, reported on that Council's recent meeting with the FCC, in which more (or some!) enforcement was promised. The Council contributed $200 to Newsline, which needs it. Since Ed is President now, we could use another volunteer to attend LAACARC meetings, every other month. We also need Field Day and Community Events chairpersons.
  7. Greg, KD6AIS, was still looking for volunteers for the UNCF's worthy Walk-A-Thon, which BARC is doing along with the Los Angeles ARC.

II. New Business

  1. The President introduced the proverbial man who needs no introduction, good old Fried Heyn, WA6WZO, ARRL SW Division Director. Fried showed a Field Day video, and answered questions, mostly about problems on two meters. He spoke some more about the upcoming convention. On Friday, they will do 5 hours on RF safety, and 5 on amateur satellites!
  2. Fried shamed me into finding more pins for my ARRL badge, which will be back in June. We missed it. It was also noted that people really should renew their League membership through BARC, as the Club gets money.
  3. The Community Affairs Raffle was moved to the June meeting, despite objections from the Vice-President, who argued that it had been announced as May on the net. He was overruled on the matter. Oh, well.

With this, we adjourned at 8:44 PM, until June 3, 1998.

Submitted for approval this 3rd day of June, 1998

by Hugh Stegman NV6H,