Minutes of Baldwin Hills ARC Meeting 6/3/98

The fifth 1998 meeting of the Baldwin Hills Amateur Radio Club was called to order by the President, Ed, KD6LT, at 1955 on June 3, 1998. Also in attendance were Dieter, KD6LVW, the Vice-President; Ed, N6EW, the Chairman of the Board; Hugh, NV6H, the Secretary; and David, N6HGJ, our dedicated Membership Chairman/Treasurer.

I. Old Business

  1. The Secretary read his typically awesome minutes, which were accepted as read.
  2. Ed, WA6MDJ/ N6EW, reported that the Mt. Harvard 440 repeater had to be shut down. It, and Baldwin, were to be worked on.
  3. The Treasurer noted that the club had about $1270.27 in its account, with expenses of $407 for insurance and $275 for room rental still to be deducted. Greg, KD6AIS, requested that David count up the membership renewals and report in July.
  4. The Vice-President reported that 25 people had shown at the latest Jun's Electronics testing session. BARC membership flyers were there, but nobody came to the meeting.
  5. Greg reported that Utah was leading Chicago, going into the fourth quarter. Let the record note that this did not save the Jazz, and the better team still won the playoffs. The UNCF walk was successful. Greg gave walk shirts to the ham volunteers who were present at this meeting. He thanks them, as do I.
  6. Greg further suggested that we re-open the room question, as we might save some real money by using a smaller one. He suggested that this might allow a dues decrease to get more members. A figure of $10-15 was suggested. He asked everyone to decide what they wanted to pay, and whether we were all doing all we could to increase participation. At this point, a visitor from the Los Angeles ARC noted that nobody came up to him and said hello, so friendliness might be a consideration. Everyone agreed, a bit red-faced. He also said that LAARC had a low turnout at meetings as well, but its dues were lower and it got plenty of renewals. Also, LAARC has a 50/50 drawing, which makes $7-15 per meeting.
  7. The Vice-President asked Jay, NY6L, whether anyone asked questions when they saw our Club banner at the swap meet table. He answered that they did, as always, and that they were given flyers.
  8. The President noted that he'd seen 25 people from hereabouts at the Dayton Hamvention, which was enormous again this year.

II. New Business

  1. In the ongoing Field Day saga, the Forest service still hadn't opened the dirt road up Blue Ridge, and no site was known as yet. (I believe that we ended up doing it in Baldwin Hills.) Colonel Carl, our excellent chef, needed a food count. The President put out a signup sheet for the yummies.
  2. The Community Affairs Raffle finally happened! WA6MDJ/N6EW gave out tickets as per the list that Greg had kept, and the drawing began. Third place prizes, official DXCC lists, went to KD6LVW and KE6CZH. The 2nd prize. a Radio Buyer Sourcebook, sent to KD6LT. First prize, a nice new handheld radio, went to Greg, KD6AIS. He chose 6 meters, just in time for the sunspots.

With this, we adjourned at 2100, until July 1, 1998.

Submitted for approval this 1st day of July, 1998

by Hugh Stegman NV6H,