There are lots of disaster preparedness publications out there, enough to build a small library but how can you get the most information without emptying your wallet?

    I managed to obtain 3 publications that contain a huge amount of practical information to help both you and your community to survive the next natural or man-made disaster.  And two of these publications are free!  Here’s what they are & how to get ‘em:




It’s a Disaster…& What are you gonna do about it?  By Bill & Janet Liebsch –

Published by Fedhealth (  -$19.95 or $2.50 for the e-book. - 268 pages.


      Dumb title, great book.  Small-sized trade paperback has very comprehensive practical information well organized – From bee stings & ear injuries to volcanoes, WMD’s & everything in between. Includes a section on contact names & numbers for further information. If there’s one emergency manual to have for home use, this is it.




Disaster Response: Principles of Preparation & Coordination by Erik Auf der Heide

Free online at: - 10 chapters + 8 appendixes.


    Scholarly tome on the theories and practical set-up of emergency services for governmental organizations.  Despite being out-of-print, contains still relevant guidelines

For response planning including psychological & sociological effects of disasters on populations.  Lots of real-life examples & appendixes make this the $100 collage textbook for the right price.




Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Participant Manual  by Human Technology, Inc. for DHS, U.S. Fire Admin. & Emerg. Mgmt. Institute.  Free ZIP- PDF file at - 240 Pages.


Standard reference manual for the training of civilian emergency teams attending fire department classes available not only in L.A. but throughout the U.S.  If you’re interested in volunteering for disaster relief, the free classes are essential but even if you can’t attend the classes, the manual is a treasure trove of info & tools not only to survive the next disaster but also to aid & assist others in your community.  If you don’t want to pay for the Liebsch book, this is the ideal replacement.


                                      Ed Cron - KD6LT