BARC Membership Information

The BARC membership dues and information are under reorganization.

The club is reorganizing for several reasons.

Due to the increased use of cell phones the club auto-patch has become obsolete.  This has reduced the club income and repeater usage.
Also there is a general reduction in ham radio participation.  To help pay for the various repeater site costs we need to change our membership fees.
We also have decided to combine with other clubs to share resources (WALA and WCRN).

We are still deciding on how we are going to setup the new cost structure, however we are happy to take donations for the maintenance of the repeater systems.

Please join us at our regular meetings and nets.  You can also contact ED, WA6MDJ at (323) 295-4817 or the club address:

Baldwin Hills Amateur Radio Club
5142 Brynhurst Ave.
Los Angeles CA 90043

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