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Baldwin Hills Amateur Radio Club P.O. Box 43639, Los Angeles, California 90043

November 1999

The B.A.R.C. Repeaters are open and on-the-air 24Hrs., a day to serve you. . .

The Baldwin Hills Amateur Radio Club newsletter is published bi-monthly by members of the Baldwin Hills Amateur Radio Club, P.O. Box 43639, Los Angeles, California 90043. The club phone number is (323)292-6423. Information contained herein is obtained primarily from our members and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Baldwin Hills Amateur Radio Club.

The Baldwin Hills Amateur Radio Club is a user-supported radio club established to provide services to our community. The WA6TFD repeater is located on Santiago Peak, with a frequency of 146.925 MHz (-600 KHz) and a PL of 114.8 Hz. The WA6MDJ repeater is located in the Hollywood Hills, with a frequency of 224.680 MHz (-1.6 MHz) with a PL of 114.8 Hz. The club machines are open to all amateurs (445.320 MHz requires club membership). You are welcome to use the club repeaters as well as to join the Baldwin Hills Amateur Radio Club. The Baldwin Hills A.R.C. Net is held on Tuesday nights at 7:30 p.m. on 146.925 Mhz. All are welcome to check-in and participate. The club meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month at 7:30 p.m. at the Veterans Memorial Auditorium. The auditorium is located in Culver City on the corner of Culver Blvd. and Overland Avenue. Please join us at one of our club meetings.

2m / 6m & 23Cm Repeater Trustee. Keith Glispie, WA6TFD (323)292-7926
6m / 220 / 70cm & 23cm Repeater Trustee: Edward Walker, WA6MDJ (323)292-6423 #310
Club President: James Feld, N6kWI  
Club Vice President: Dieter Stussy, KD6LVW  
Club Secretary: Hugh Stegman, NV6H (310)645-9535
Club Treasurer: Edward Walker, WA6MDJ (323)292-6423 #310
Club Membership / Treasurer: David Birnbaum, N6HGJ (310)836-8149
Club Newsletter Editor: Paul Beeman, W2PB  
Assist. Membership Chairman: Jack Leonardi, KF6AJO  
Community Events Chairman: OPEN  
Social Director: Greg Powell, KD6AIS (323)296-2970
Volunteer Exam Edward Walker, WA6MDJ (323)292-6423 #310
L.A.C.A.R.C. Representative: Ed Cron, KD6LT  
Refreshment Manager: Samir Zawahri, N6KXL (310)829-1327
TASMA , 220 SMA & SCRRBA Rep: Edward Walker, WA6MDJ (323)292-6423 #310
ARRL Representative: Hugh Stegman, NV6H (310)645-9535
ARES S.W. District Emergency Coordinator: Howard Burkhart, KB6MYE (310)832-5836
ARES N.W. Rep. & Emergency Coordinator: Mike Morrow, N6KWS (213)464-3412
Keith Glispie, WA6TFD (323)292-7926 Edward Walker, WA6MDJ (323)292-6423 #310
Bill Helfand, WB2AMB (310)372-5257 David Birnbaum, N6HGJ (310)836-8149
James Feld, N6KWI (310)280-0856 Juan Leysath, KB6KMU (323)292-6423 #313

MAILING ADDRESS: P.O. Box 43639, Los Angeles, California 90043
CLUB PHONE: (323)292-6423 24 Hour Line

Elections Coming Soon!

According to Article VI of the Baldwin Hills Amateur Radio Club's Constitution, nominations for new club officers are to take place at the meeting two months prior to the election meeting. Since we will hold our club elections at the February 2nd, 2000 meeting, nominations are to be completed by the December 1st, 1999 meeting. We would like to open the nominations at the October 6th meeting to give everyone time think and make decisions. Nominations will be accepted at the October, November and December meetings as well as by mail to the club's P.O. Box as long as each nomination is approved and seconded as described in the club's constitution. Nominations submitted by mail will not be accepted if postmarked after November 24th, 1999. The nominations will be made final at the December meeting to give the candidates plenty of time to prepare campaigns for official presentation at the January 5th, 2000 meeting. New officers will be placed into office at the February election meeting for a term of one year. Please see Article VI; paragraph 4 of the club's constitution for details on absentee ballots. Copies of the constitution may be obtained from the club's Secretary at the next regular meeting or by mail to the club's P.O. Box (include 8-1/2 x 11 SASE).


James, N6KWI


Minutes of the Baldwin Hills ARC Meeting 10/06/99


The tenth 1999 meeting of Baldwin Hills Amateur Radio Club was called to order by the President, James Feld, N6KWI, at 1946 on October 6, 1999. Also present was David, N6HGJ, Membership Chairman/Treasurer.

Attendance: 10

  1. Old Business
    1. Beach Cleanup: Went well, three club members attended Howard KB6MYE, Ted, N6ZZK & Deiter, KD6LVW. Highlight: 1 urn was recovered.
    2. Queen Mary (ARRL SW Convention) Report: Individual members gave their comments.
  2. New Business
    1. SCRBA Report: Deiter reports next SCRBA meeting will be on Nov. 20 (3rd Sat).
    2. Treasurer report: David reports $71.77 in account to date. Either $7.50 or $15 will be due in bank fees this month.
    3. Membership Report: David reports, "No changes".
    4. LACARC Report: Ed reports on talks of new FCC licensing procedures & La Palma Days Parade (Orange Co., respond by Nov. 1).
    5. James announced the opening of nominations for club elections per club by-laws. (See attached).

      Nominated today and not yet accepted, were:


      Hugh Stegman by James Feld (seconded by Greg, Deiter)

      James Feld by David Birnbaum (Seconded by Deiter)

      Vice President

      Juan Laysath by James Feld (seconded by Deiter)


      Hugh Stegman by David Birnbaum (seconded by Greg, Ed)

    6. Meeting was adjourned at 2046 and refreshments were served by Simir. Next meeting scheduled to commence on November 3, 1999 at ~1930.

In the absence of the Secretary, these minutes were submitted by James Feld, N6KWI